Senior Unsecured

Aareal Bank is consistently expanding its refinancing potential in the capital markets. A client orientated and flexible issuance philosophy, combined with a highly diversified product range increased the number of investors on a national and international level.

Aareal Bank Group implemented an up to € 15 billion debt issuance programme in 2002. With the issuance of structured notes and issues in foreign currencies Aareal Bank is able to meet the requirements of different types of investors.

To meet our investors individual needs, Aareal Bank offers a wide range of products from the traditional promissory note to structured products. Every issuance is customized according to the investors preferences.

Product Range

  • Bearer Bonds
  • Registered Bonds
  • Registered Securities
  • Promissory Notes
  • Subordinated Bearer Bonds or Promissory Notes
Callable or non-callable structures Non-callable structures  
Fixed rate oder Floater  Volatility bonds
Reverse Floater Ratchets
CMS Spread Single
Range Accrual