Trust Preferred Securities

Additional Tier 1

IssuerAareal Bank AG
Issue RatingBB- (Fitch)
VolumeEUR 300 Mio.
Cupon7.625% per annum until the First Call Date (30.4.2020),
payable annually in arrears on 30 April. Reset at First Call 
Date and annually thereafter at the relevant 1-year mid swap
rate plus the Initial Credit Spread  of 7.18% (no step-up)
Day count fractionact/act (ICMA)
Value Date20.11.2014
Optional RedemptionOn 30 April 2020 and every reset date thereafter 
(subject to any previous write down having been fully written up,
unless investor consent to redemption at the written down amount)
DenominationEUR 200.000
Lead ManagerBNPP, DB, HSBC

IssuerCapital Funding GmbH & Co. KG (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
VolumeEUR 180 Mio.
InterestFloating, annual EURIBOR + 210 BP
Calculation MethodAct/360
First cupon30/04/2003
MaturityPerpetual, Call Date 30/04/2014 zu 100
DenominationEUR 100.00
ListingRegulierter Markt, Frankfurt/M.
Lead ManagerDeutsche Bank