Consulting / Services Business

Developing needs-driven solutions

As a leading provider of smart financing, software products and digital solutions for the property sector and related industry, we promote economically stable, ecological and social development in a number of ways, for example, by way of:

We have set ourselves the goal of leveraging the strategic advantages offered by digitalisation and enabling our clients to improve their own sustainability performance; this can be achieved, for example, through efficiency gains and by reducing their environmental footprint, e.g. by optimising and automating manual and paper-based processes with the help of IT.

This applies both to Aareal Bank's property management and payment transaction services and products and to Aareon Group's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and digital solutions. Our Aareon Smart World is responding to the global megatrend of digitalisation by offering a wide-ranging suite of mobile-enabled solutions for optimising business processes. At the same time, networking participants facilitates new business models and allows us to leverage synergy effects.

Our pioneering, integrated IT solutions all meet the highest possible security requirements. They are reliably protected against attack and offer full control of inbound and outbound data transmissions at all times, which means sensitive data are in the best possible hands. Aareon's information security management system, which is certified according to the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 standard, and additional voluntary data protection and data security audits demonstrate the key importance for the Group of IT systems security, of the information processed using the systems and of our digital business processes.

Our digital solutions also offer tangible benefits for the environment as well as time and cost savings and efficiency gains. For example, digital IT and banking services reduce paper consumption, since archiving, correspondence and other administrative services are performed online. Using tenant portals to visualise consumption data such as electricity, heating and water consumption (smart metering) creates transparency and frequently motivates tenants to modify their behaviour so as to conserve more resources. 

Aareal Bank AG products

  • BK 01 – the leading system for efficiently processing mass payments in the housing industry.
  • BK 01 immoconnect – a powerful data interface for ERP systems at housing and energy companies.
  • BK 01 eConnect – our customisable application for digitalising and automating the billing process.

Aareon AG products

  • Aareon Smart World – a digital, networked ecosystem that can be deployed to optimise complex internal and external business processes.
  • Mareon – an Internet-based service portal that links housing enterprises and workmen, e.g. to facilitate ongoing maintenance.
  • Aareon Invoicing Service – this connects entities issuing invoices – such as utilities and waste disposal companies, municipalities and energy metering companies – with housing companies, thus facilitating a digital, fully-automated billing service with a full audit track.
  • Aareon CRM-Portal – this bundles client information for housing companies at a glance, improving customer service and increasing client satisfaction.
  • Mobile property inspection and handover – simplified, tablet-based apartment handovers; at the end of the handover process, the tenant provides an electronic signature and the captured data are automatically transferred from the mobile device to the housing portfolio administration.
  • Aareon Archiv kompakt – a digital document management system for more time, space and transparency.