Corporate Social Responsibilityt

Solidarity, the willingness to take responsibility and ensuring we are fit for the future are core components of our business models at Aareal Bank AG and the Aareal Bank Group. As an economically successful global enterprise, we aim to contribute to the sustainability of the economy and society as a whole in addition to making our own internal efforts.

Focus of our donations and CSR sponsorship activities

We make a wide range of donations and sponsorship awards as part of our CSR activities, with a particular focus on the following areas:

  1. Projects associated with our core business
    We make donations or award CSR sponsorships to projects that are connected with commercial property finance or IT and consulting services for the property and housing industries and related sectors.
  2. Projects in the areas of education and culture
    We support projects that serve to protect, preserve and help spread cultural values. We also support projects promoting an educational policy that grants access to education to everyone, regardless of their ethnic or national origin, religion, ideology, disability, sexual identity, gender or age. Children and youth development programmes are a particular focus.
  3. Projects in the areas of environmental protection and conservation
    In view of the ongoing process of climate change and its in some cases negative impact on society and the environment, we support projects that are designed to protect the world's natural resources and help businesses achieve compatibility with the two-degree goal.
  4. Regional connection
    We aim to work with the organisations that we support for as long as possible. In addition, our goal is to contribute at a content level, by providing expertise and experience to the projects developed by them through our donations and by making contributions in kind. This is why it's important to us to support projects in the regions in which we are located.

We do not provide support for political parties or their affiliated institutions. All organisations that we support must act in a manner that is, and perform projects that are, consistent with our system of values.

Aareal Bank AG's Management Board takes decisions on awarding donations or sponsorships on the basis of the relevant Group guidelines. Applications must be submitted to the Management Board or to Group Communications & Governmental Affairs, which reviews them and then coordinates the subsequent approvals process.


Requirements to be met by donations and CSR sponsorships

a). The project for which a donation is to be made or a sponsorship entered into must fit Aareal Bank AG's/the Aareal Bank Group's donations and sponsorship policy.

b). The organisations that we support must be recognised as charities by the tax authorities and must be authorised to accept donations and enter into CSR sponsorships.

c). The organisation supported must consent to Aareal Bank AG having the right to report on our support in both words and pictures in the Press, other publications and on social media.

For example, we currently support the Museum Wiesbaden's educational programme for children and young people.