Materiality matrix

Materiality – the starting point for our sustainability strategy

Continuous, close interaction with our external and internal stakeholders has a high priority for us. For this reason and also because the requirements of different stakeholder groups in a dynamic market environment can change, Aareal Bank Group carried out a materiality analysis at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016.

We used a structured series of discussions with representatives of different divisions within our Company plus expert interviews with external stakeholders to

  • Establish the value that Aareal Bank Group adds to the economy and society,
  • Derive strategic directions for sustainability management,
  • Review existing action areas for relevance and identify new ones, and
  • Document individual stakeholder groups' requirements and expectations, with the aim in all cases of assessing and improving our own sustainability performance.

At the end of the day, the operational focus is on the twelve action areas that are depicted in the materiality matrix and that are key to securing the Company's long-term success. While the profitability of our business model, functioning risk management and our attractiveness as an employer are particularly relevant, the other action areas listed also make a fundamental contribution to the Bank's success. In addition, there are topics that we promote by conviction since they safeguard the Company’s credibility and hence also contribute to Aareal Bank Group’s long-term business success, albeit indirectly.

Click here (pdf) for further information on how the material topics relate to the GRI G4 guidelines.