Adding value

Creating value by focusing on the future

A stable, robust society is vital to our Company's long-term success. And, since we benefit from this, we feel it's important to add value to society in an appropriate way.  

From benefiting clients to benefiting society

Our core business is where we add the most value to the economy and society:

  • We finance commercial properties and – thanks among other things to our specialist structuring expertise – create attractive and value-retaining investment opportunities for investors in Germany and abroad.
  • We develop digital solutions that not only save time and money and offer efficiency gains, but also actively contribute to environmental protection. For example, digital IT and banking solutions reduce the consumption of energy, electricity, heat, water and paper.
  • We are continuing to hold our own well in an environment dominated by a high level of uncertainty and fierce ongoing competition. This is demonstrated by our consistently positive quarterly results, even during the financial crisis. In this way, we contribute to the stability of the financial market, especially in the commercial property area, while also increasing confidence in the financial services sector. 

Part of our operating profit flows back into the economy

We also add financial value on a broad front and in a number of roles, and in so doing help indirectly to increase individual purchasing power and investment activity:

  • As a public limited company that increases its investors' capital,
  • As an employer with an attractive, competitive remuneration structure,
  • As a public-sector institution with obligations under supervisory law (bank levy, deposit protection, etc.)
  • As a client commissioning work from business partners, service providers, suppliers and others (legal, consulting and audit costs, IT expenses, rental payments, etc.)
  • As a taxpayer, and
  • As a corporate citizen making donations, providing sponsorships and paying membership dues.

Our direct value added is measurable and documents the effect we have on society.

Direct value added