Sustainability programme

Actions are the bottom line...

Successful strategic sustainability management requires us to select and prioritise those areas of activity and core topics for which a company takes responsibility during its day-to-day operations and which are material to its business in its particular sector. A well-structured plan is needed. We ensure that this is successfully implemented by developing and constantly updating our Group-wide sustainability programme.

We have identified 12 relevant action areas in the course of our discussions with our stakeholders. Then, following discussions and decisions by the Sustainability Committee, concrete, measurable goals and targets are set for the coming years and dedicated implementation measures and initiatives established to underpin them. This forms the basis for our sustainability programme, which serves to steer all our activities and to track the progress made in close cooperation with the departments concerned.

We regularly update our sustainability programme to take account of current developments and insights from our ongoing stakeholder dialogue. This allows us to react flexibly to new challenges and provide up-to-the-minute information on our progress in the area of sustainability management.