An excellent employer

We are committed to our employees

We are happy that our Bank has been rated a top employer in Germany in 2020 as well. We have received this rating again because we provide all our employees with comprehensive benefits long-term and offer attractive jobs. Since 2008, we have managed to be awarded this important certification every year. Our benefits are confirmed and assessed externally by Top Employers' Institute.

Aareal Bank AG has made some unambiguous statements on the subject of diversity under that heading in its Code of Conduct:

“In Aareal Bank Group, we respect all persons regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, ideology, disabilities, sexual identity, gender, or age. We respect their dignity, rights and privacy. We strive for an awareness and understanding of the beliefs and needs of others.”

Given the importance of diversity Aareal Bank has also signed the diversity charter, a campaign by German corporations that has existed since 2006. That documents that the concept of diversity plays an important role within the Group. There is more information on this at    

Diversity is more than just being tolerant towards otherness: it is a chance for and basis of sustainable corporate success. The various elements of diversity are explained in the accompanying presentation: "Diversity at Aareal Bank Group."  In this way, we strengthen the profile of Aareal Bank as an attractive employer and supplement pre-existing activities such as for example measures in regard of personnel development, improving the work-life-balance as well as health-promoting measures.

Aareal Bank AG supports the campaign called "Sprungbrett Zukunft – Sport & Karriere", ("Springboard to the Future – Sport and Career") of Deutsche Sporthilfe, a German sports foundation.

By taking part in this campaign, Aareal Bank renders an important contribution to the improved career prospects of the best German sportspeople. Most athletes who are supported by this foundation experience their everyday life as subject to the strong challenge of having to balance high-performance sport, education and job. On the other hand, Germany is excited about their international success and they buttress its standing in the world. Aareal Bank AG has the utmost respect for such sportspeople and supports them with flexible solutions so that having a high-performance sporting career is no disadvantage in the workplace afterwards.

If you are a high- performance athlete, please contact us using the extranet of Sporthilfe or through the OSP careers adviser.

Top employer

Aareal Bank is one of Germany's top employers for 2022