Your prospects at Aareal Bank

Do you want to keep on developing? Aareal Academy offers a lot for the development and in-house training of our employees. You are sure to find something for your personal growth. If you have any questions, our personnel development experts will be happy to assist.

The design of our programs, models and learning formats is oriented to the following parameters:

  • Hands-on orientation, i.e. closeness to the actual business the attendee does in the workplace
  • Flexibility, i.e. modular construction of the programs, individualisation of the learning measures instead of a lock-stepping policy
  • The programs, modules and formats are driven by employee needs and available at short notice.
  • Dynamism, i.e.  fostering a dynamic, agile, and innovative corporation and supporting attendees' wish to take on responsibility and shape efficient processes.
  • Promotion of networking and interdisciplinary cooperation also with regard to the Group
  • Enablement of knowledge transfer across the hierarchy and divisions
  • Incorporation of state-of-the-art learning formats which enhance the readiness to learn and learning activity, i.e. in the medium term, a marked increase in digital formats and methods
  • Suggestions from participant target groups evaluate the programs, and the results are used to further develop them on a continuous basis.

A sneak preview of what we offer our managers:

The content of executive development can be quickly and individually adapted to organizational change. Small learning packages ensure dynamic knowledge transfer, interhierarchical learning is encouraged.

Individually-selectable elements, constructed as modules with short, Workshop-type Events and computer-based learning Units (Micro-learning). Modular and tailor-made.

  • Learning options and methods guarantee a high degree of individualisation
  • Oriented towards learning and life phases
  • Individually-designable learning architecture Free choice of methods, change from push to pull learning, i.e. the learner's own responsibility is strengthened

Establishment of a fixed Learning Day, knowledge transfer without hierarchical boundaries, centralisation of knowledge

Establishment of a fixed day for "learning and networking" (Learning Day), knowledge transfer without hierarchical boundaries, centralization of knowledge.

An extract of what is important for our experts:

  • Complexity laboratory , business writing, control them expertly at the emotional and cognitive Levels.
  • This module supplies managers and experts who initiate or back up change or are affected in their specific role by its implementation with the knowledge about architecture, dynamics and interventions that they need for the successful implementation of their change project.
  • Subject seminars – e.g. introduction to the banking business, overview of the lending process, market risk controlling, property valuation, basic and refresher courses on ratings, Basel II and much more.
  • Seminars for special target groups such as e.g. success strategies for women or individual development planning for individual employees or shadowing.
  • IT training – introductory training in SAP, special training in SAP and SAP-BI on Hana; PowerPoint, Excel training and much more.
  • Skills training e.g. international organisation management, personality training, fit for responsibility, managing meetings competently and much more.
  • Project management seminars and certifications.
  • Language training

Don't you know the most sensible path for your personal growth? If you don't, we will be happy to assist by drawing up an individual development plan with you. We can also support you if you work towards a university degree while on the job.

University partnerships

In order to combine theory with practice, we maintain active cooperation with the following university.
FH Nürtingen-Geislingen (University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Environment)

This ensures that we always stay up to date.

Further cooperation within the group can be found here.

Experts and Managers

Career paths for Experts and Managers: Both are equally rated

Guaranteeing that the career path for experts and managers are given equal weight is very important at Aareal Bank. So employees on both career paths can advance their career and development to the same extent. Depending on the career path, there are either 4 (expert career path: Manager – Senior Manager – Director – Managing Director) or 3 (management career path: Senior Manager – Director – Managing Director).

We are a firm that conducts vocational training for apprentices as part of the German dual training system. In this way, we keep Aareal Bank AG fit for the future.