Questions and answers about your application

We are pleased about your interest in us!

We are sure you will have a lot of questions about our application process, for example:

How can I apply to Aareal Bank?

The best thing is for you to send us your application by computer, as an email attachment.

You will then receive a confirmation of receipt. We usually answer within 4 to 6 weeks when we have reviewed your application. In the case of  Unsolicited applications this can take longer because we first have to look at where we could employ you.

As a next step, we invite you to come and see us. We then have a chance to convince each other that we match. Normally, you get to know your future manager and a personnel officer.

Apart from your subject knowledge and your personality, it is also important that you and Aareal suit each other. We invite you to a second conversation so that you can decide on this for yourself. You will get to know your future workplace and team co-workers at this.

If that conversation too goes well we will offer you a position at Aareal Bank without much delay.

We are looking forward to your application!

Here is a collection of some tips for a successful application. We look forward to receiving your documentation!

This is where you describe briefly and precisely why you are the right person for the advertised position.

The following points are aimed at giving you assistance:

  • How can we contact you (address, email, telephone)?
  • What position and what location interest you?
  • How did you get to know about us?
  • Who are you and what distinguishes you?
  • Why do you want to come to Aareal Bank and what are your goals?
  • Why are you particularly suitable for the position, what qualifications and experience do you have?
  • Why should we employ you in particular?
  • When could you start work with us?
  • What else must we know about you?

The CV, curriculum vitae, is at the heart of your application. It contains all important information about you at a glance.

That information is:

  • Personal data: name, address, email, telephone, date of birth, etc.
  • Job experience, previous jobs, areas of work and corporations
  • University studies: course of studies and focus, and final grade if appropriate
  • Vocational training: what course of training, area of work and companies
  • Internships: areas of deployment and companies
  • School education: kind of school and final results with grades
  • Ongoing education (continuation): courses taken
  • Additional information: stays abroad, social commitment, etc.
  • Special knowledge: foreign languages, IT knowledge, additional qualifications
  • Hobbies and interests

You should provide evidence for all main items in your CV by providing testimonials or certificates or references. Please ensure that all copies and scanned documents are of good quality and legible.