Unsolicited application

No suitable job for you on our careers page? If you can't find anything that fits you, then please feel free to send us a speculative application.


If you're an expert and have not found anything suitable but would like to convince us of your potential, then please get in touch! We're always on the lookout for true personalities who would like to join us to take on exciting tasks in a challenging environment. Simply send us a speculative application via this link .

Young talent:

Are you looking to gain practical experience for your professional career but are still at school or university? We offer a variety of opportunities here: you can apply to be a working student, do a (compulsory) internship, traineeship or legal clerkship, write your final Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us, take part in a trainee programme or go the direct entry route. Sound interesting? If so, then we look forward to receiving your speculative application via this link.

We will review your documents carefully and respond promptly.In the meantime, you are very welcome to keep an eye out for possible jobs on our careers page and apply for any that interest you.