Questions & Answers

Our FAQs for career entrants

You are sure to have a lot of questions for us as employer concerning starting your working life. So just have a look at our FAQs. You will probably find the answer to your question there. If not, just phone us up.

We are happy to receive such applications. Just have a look at our positions vacant and send us your application.

We have altered our training concept and so we do not offer any graduate trainee programme, sorry. You might like to have a look at our positions vacant, perhaps there is something there to suit you. In view of the size of our Company, you'd currently start work with us by training on the job and/or direct entry.

A representative from the Human Resources division welcomes all our new co-workers on the first day personally or by telephone (at the locations) In those welcomes, we clarify necessary points about gaining access to the Bank and other administrative matters; we give you a brief overview of important points about your workplace. Your manager or your mentor then picks you up and takes you to your division. Your development is fostered by training on the job or in the Aareal Academy.

There are Welcome Workshops that take place regularly. They usually last for a working day. All co-workers who recently started at Aareal Bank or subsidiaries are again welcomed by co-workers from the specialist divisions and a member of the Management Board. In that way you quickly get to know people and can network in our Bank.

Your manager backs up your work-related and personal growth and will agree your next career steps with you.

If you convince us of your performance and your attitude then both the Management as also the Expert career path is open to you. We at Aareal Bank appreciate and advance both types of career equally. You can read more about your prospects here.

Generally speaking, our flexitime runs from 6 AM to 8 PM without core working hours. As a general rule, one can work part-time and as a teleworker.

We are happy to receive applications for part-time work: we will always encourage you to apply even if you do not want to or are not able to work full-time.

Of course you can, we can then take a look at your documentation to see how well your profile matches our requirements; as required, you can obtain the necessary specialised knowledge from within our Bank.

Applications from the handicapped are of course welcome. We have committed to diversity and a handicap, whether visible or not, should not stand in the way of contact.

Please do so, preferentially at the moment in the areas of IT and bank regulatory reporting.

For salaries governed by collective wage and salary agreements in Germany we remunerate according to the collective agreement for the private banking sector and public sector banks. Outside the agreement, remuneration is as laid down by general works agreements and contains both the non-tariff salary and several increments as well as a target-variable remuneration component that depends on the degree to which an annual target has been met. You agree these targets with your manager in the obligatory Structured Appraisal and Target-Setting Dialogue. That employee review is part of our corporate culture and is conducted by your manager.

As a matter of policy, we pay 12 monthly salaries, vacation and Christmas salary loadings and capital-formation benefits.

In addition, there is company retirement pension provision which we pay on top of the salary to all of our employees who are not on limited-term employment contracts.

To answer this, have a look at the Internet pages of the cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden and the Rheingau. Proximity to Frankfurt Airport could also be an advantage for you.

That question depends very much on the individual and so we would like to discuss it at a job interview with you. What we offer and the solutions we have are as individual as our employees.