What we offer you

Ambitious employees have ambitious goals We show you where and how we support you. We show you what we are offering in regard of benefits and remuneration, company health management, personnel development and continuing education.

  • As a top-rate employer, we have a lot to offer you. It is not only we that say this, our Awards also confirm it.  
  • You are expecting Benefits, and we are glad to offer it to you – for example, the very good remuneration and above-average retirement plans. And a lot more.
  • Perspectives are important for you - you're right. We offer you customised advancement and special programs for your career.
  • You think work-life Balance is important and so do we. We offer you solutions tailored to you and flexible working hours.
  • Health is paramount for all of us. That is why our Health Management goes beyond company doctors and work safety: healthy leadership , ergonomics and prevention are also part of the plan.
  • Sustainability is close to our heart: corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, energy efficiency and acting for the common good goes without saying for us.
  • Have a look at where your new workplace could be: our locations are always sited attractively. Because challenging tasks need a pleasant Environment.

We will be pleased to discuss with you how we can support you in your move to Wiesbaden and help you look for an apartment. Contact us.