Aareal Bank offers internships ranging between six weeks and three months in various of its divisions. If it is an obligatory internship, it can also last for six months or longer. Full-time internships are paid € 800 gross for Bachelor's candidates and € 1000 a month gross for Master's candidates. Current internships are published at Careers page.

We don't want to explain to you here why internships are important – in work and also in personal terms. We are more interested in arousing your curiosity. Curiosity, along with personal integrity and specialist knowledge of the subject are what is important for us. As a service provider, we want to put that into practice by offering you the chance to do an internship with us.

The focus is on training when doing an internship at Aareal Bank. According to the meaning of the Latin "practicare" you learn and try out content.

Perhaps there will be an opportunity for you after your internship to continue your career at Aareal Bank by working with us while continuing your academic studies.