Questions & Answers

Our FAQs for students

As a student, you are sure to have a number of questions for us. We have collated the most important questions and are happy to answer them here. Please contact us if your question is not answered exhaustively.

The internship programme at Aareal Academy provides for an internship of at least six weeks and contains a differentiated training plan depending on the division you work in and the location.

Interns are increasingly significant at our Bank. As we cover many work areas, you as a student receive the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and get stimulated for the rest of your studies. We too profit from your academic insights and what is often an "unbiased" perspective on our processes and products. Both partners get to know each other better, constituting the basis for a possible later entry to our Bank whether as trainee or as a direct entrant.

With a view to better coordination we have nominated a fixed contact person in the Human Resources division. The person is in charge of internships and the entire recruitment and deployment process In the specialist departments too there is normally an officer responsible for training and the deployment of interns and students working at Aareal Bank.

Generally, the internships can occur in all divisions of the Bank, both in the international property finance divisions and in the staff divisions in Wiesbaden. At the beginning of each year, a survey is done of what training is possible in each division, which enables targeting of the various internships.

To make the internship as effective for both partners as possible, it ought to take between 6 and 12 weeks. In special instances, long-term internships are also possible.


You ought to be studying business management, business IT, business mathematics or law. As an internationally-operating specialised Bank an international outlook is a prerequisite i.e. you speak both German and English and another language or you will be learning it in the course of your studies. You also have a strong interest in working with co-workers from other cultures. We are assuming that the knowledge transfer from theory to practice is something that interests you particularly.

Yes you receive pay for it; the level of pay depends on the stage you are at in your academic studies.

After your internship and assuming a positive recommendation you are included in a pool. We keep in contact with you regularly.  If you want to do another internship you receive preferential treatment and who knows, perhaps you will soon be an employee at Aareal Bank AG.

That depends. Sometimes you get a job after you have finished an internship with us. There are often work bottlenecks at the Bank that we cover using such students. We publish all positions in our positions vacant market. So we cannot name any actual areas at this time.

As a medium-sized corporation, our capacities are limited and we offer that option only in selected cases.

We are happy to assist in your accommodation search. Our co-workers will be happy to provide you with information.

Please send us your application by email with all relevant documents (CV, testimonials, certificates ..).