What we offer you

The focus for you as a student is on certain benefits that we outline here. It will certainly interest you how we support you in looking for an apartment or in making contacts. In addition, we want to show you how we can stay in touch even after your time at Aareal Bank.

Before your entry

  • Supporting you in looking for accommodation by brokering real estate offers or placing your Accommodation Wanted ad on the Aareal Bank intranet.
  • Telephone advice on questions about the location and the workplace.

During your work for us

  • Getting to know persons doing internships at the Bank so that you can compare notes.
  • Flexitime without core working hours
  • Working time from 6 AM to 8 PM
  • Subsidy for annual season tickets for public transport
  • Parking close to the Bank at reduced price
  • We subsidise your lunch in our corporate canteen in Wiesbaden
  • Casino in Wiesbaden:

Freshly-baked bread rolls in the morning

We provide, either gratis or at a reduced price: coffee, tea, water, fresh fruit daily and müsli bars that we make ourselves

An extensive set of vending machines containing many great snacks – including many organic products

  • Restaurant vouchers in all other German locations

After your internship

  • Assuming mutual interest, you will be included in our virtual bank cafe, so that we can stay in touch with you about exciting banking and other subjects.
  • Invitation to events of interest
  • We keep in touch with you regularly. If you want to do another internship you will receive preferential treatment and who knows: perhaps you will soon be an employee at Aareal Bank AG.