Corporate Governance

Information concerning the Corporate Governance Code of Aareal Bank

To discharge its responsibility of sustainable corporate governance, Aareal Bank AG is guided by legal and regulatory rules, as well as by a comprehensive set of internal rules and regulations, which provide concrete guidance on the conduct and processing of the Bank's business, in line with our ethical responsibility.

Further information on this can be found in our Corporate Governance Statement . It describes what we understand by good corporate governance including our requirements for the suitability and composition of the Management Board and Supervisory Board. One component of this Statement is the Declaration of Compliance published on a voluntary basis. This declaration states whether and to what extent Aareal Bank AG complies with the recommendations of the “Government Commission German Corporate Governance Code”.

The Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Board are the basis for joint action in the Supervisory Board. They govern the internal organisation, describe the tasks of the committees and set out various formal aspects.

The Code of Conduct of Aareal Bank Group which the Supervisory Board also follows, is another important component of our corporate governance. It serves to promote integrity and responsible behaviour on the part of Management Board and Supervisory Board members and of all employees of Aareal Bank AG. It therefore contains rules for the lawful and ethical behaviour towards customers, business partners and co-workers.

The Report of the Supervisory Board summarises transparently the material actions taken and main work done by the Supervisory Board in the preceding financial year. This includes both the work of the full Supervisory Board and the various committees, as well as personnel changes on the Management Board and Supervisory Board.