Energy and environmental management

Operational resource efficiency

In addition to taking environmental aspects into account in our business decisions, we are continuously working to conserve natural resources in our own business operations and reduce our carbon footprint. By purchasing 100% green electricity and using climate-friendly district heating and geothermal energy, we are making a valuable contribution to climate protection at our locations in Wiesbaden and Mainz. In order to make our own impact transparent and identify further potential for optimisation, we survey our Group-wide energy and resource consumption every year. We then use this data to calculate our carbon footprint in accordance with the standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The collection of our operational indicators and the calculation of the resulting CO2 emissions are based on a sustainable and stable foundation. By using the VfU environmental performance indicator tool, we are orientating ourselves on an instrument that is widely used in the market, thereby increasing both the data quality and the comparability of our data with other market participants.

You can find our current environmental indicators and CO2 emission values in our archive.