Governmental Affairs

As a bank, it is important to us to promote dialogue with politicians and other stakeholders. Our topics include, in particular, the banking and financial sector, the housing and property industry and matters related to our subsidiaries. Thereby, we always keep the expectations of our stakeholders in mind and actively participate in knowledge transfer, political and social discourse, and opinion-forming.

Political communication and representation of interests

The Governmental Affairs department is responsible for political communication and the representation of interests of Aareal Bank and its subsidiaries. To this end, the political environment as well as regulatory and legislative initiatives relevant to Aareal Bank Group at state, federal and EU level are monitored and analysed on an ongoing basis. We maintain contacts with key political stakeholders, associations and other political institutions as well as the societal stakeholders. We regularly participate in events on political issues and enter into dialogue with our stakeholders. As part of our work with associations, we explain our positions in the form of written statements or in open discussion, thereby contributing to the democratic decision-making process. We attach the utmost importance to integrated, competent and transparent communication.

Transparency and integrity

A key requirement for our work is transparency, as this is the only way to ensure a constructive and trusting dialogue in an open society. We are registered both with the EU Transparency Register and the Lobbying Register for the Representation of Special Interests vis-à vis the German Bundestag and the Federal Government. We are also committed to the Code of conduct within the framework of the Lobbying Register Act and to the Principles of political lobbying of the Association of German Banks. In line with our Code of Conduct, we are committed to responsible lobbying based on our democratic values.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Till Martin Kaesbach
Head of Governmental Affairs Aareal Bank AG
Burgstr. 28
10178 Berlin
+ 49 160 681 1963
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Fabian Scholz
Manager Governmental Affairs Aareal Bank AG
Burgstr. 28
10178 Berlin
+49 171 628 1442
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