Transparent assessment of our sustainability performance

Aareal Bank regularly participates in the leading ESG ratings MSCI, ISS ESG, Morningstar Sustainalytics, CDP and Moodys ESG Solutions. The underlying evaluation models and the archieved results are an essential tool for us to measure our sustainability performance using qualitative and quantitative KPIs and to continuously improve them.

By carefully considering our participation in ESG ratings, we ensure that they are relevant to our business model, reflect the expectations of our investors and meet the transparency requirements of our stakeholders. Thereby we underline our commitment to responsible corporate governance and strengthen our trust in the capital market.

Our ESG-ratings – a comparison 

Consistently positive rating results - Rewarding Aareal’s ESG performance. Below you will find an overview of our current ESG rating results from the providers most important to us: MSCI, ISS ESG, Moody's ESG Solution, Sustainalytics and CDP.

  • MSCI: MSCI is a provider of ESG sustainability ratings, known for its comprehensive databases and analytical tools. The agency assesses how companies manage industry specific ESG-risks and provides investors with detailed insights into the sustainability performance of these companies.
  • ISS-ESG: ISS-ESG is a rating agency specialized in the rating of equity and bond issuers worldwide. It evaluates non-financial information using a sector-specific approach to comprehensively analyse ESG issues.
  • Morningstar Sustainalytics: Morningstar Sustainalytics evaluates a wide range of companies using material ESG issues to assess unmanaged ESG risks. This methodology helps to identify specific risks that may impact the value development.
  • Moody's: The platform provides an objective assessment of ESG risks and opportunities, enabling investors and companies to understand and compare the ESG profile and its impact on credit risk.
  • CDP: CDP provides investors worldwide with access to comprehensive data that enables them to evaluate company’s environmental strategies and performance, particularly regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases and other environmental impacts. You can access Aareal Bank's current CDP questionnaire here.