Equity Investors

Our share has been listed since 2002 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Since 2003, it has been included in the Prime Standard segment of the German Stock Exchange and meets the high international standards for transparency that are applicable there.

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What distinguishes us as a corporation and investment:

  • Leading provider of financing and IT solutions especially for the property sector
  • Unique business model resting on two pillars
  • Experienced employees from more than 20 countries
  • Customised top-quality solutions
  • Long-term customer relations
  • Global expertise, global marketing experts and sector specialists (hotel, retailing, logistics)
  • Provably sustainable risk management and a distinct risk management culture
  • Consistently positive outcomes during the global financial crisis in each financial quarter
  • Healthy balance sheet structure
  • Qualitatively high-value and broadly-diversified Credit and Treasury portfolio
  • Comfortable refinancing position consisting of sustainable and diversified long-term refinancing and deposit Business
  • Strong capital ratios
  • Dynamic dividend policy