What sets us apart

Help us make a difference

For a bank, we're really different. This can also be seen from our values. We treat each other fairly, respectfully and as partners, adopt a direct approach and aim for pragmatic decisions. We also value our vibrant culture with its open dialogue and honest feedback. It would seem that we're doing a lot of things right: our staff are happy to be working for Aareal Bank. And our state-of-the art equipment and policies on issues such as mobile working and flexitime offer both flexibility and jobs that will remain secure going forward. All this provides a framework in which you can grow your strengths and contribute your own ideas. This is what we build on, since we are always looking to the future and aiming to develop together with our clients. We use new technologies to constantly optimise our process efficiency to benefit our clients, and continuously develop new products and solutions for them. With our professional expertise, innovative ability and sector-specific knowledge, we can give them a decisive competitive advantage.

Grow along with us

We help our clients make the most of their opportunities. We are flexible and skilled, and have expert knowledge of the sector. We help them finance their international property investments ‒ from hotels and office buildings through shopping centres down to logistics and residential properties ‒ in North America, Asia/Pacific and Europe. What's more, our state-of-the-art banking and software solutions offer the European housing industry efficient property management options that have an unwavering service-driven focus. We can do this because our staff are experts who take pleasure in mastering challenges. We provide a setting in which highly committed people have responsibility for their own actions, and individual needs are taken into account. At Aareal Bank, we all grow along with each other. Something we think you'll agree makes us really different for a bank.

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A career with us is more than just a job

Working for Aareal Bank means sticking together and communicating on an equal footing. Our team spirit is what makes us special. Each and every one of us makes a difference. Equally, we'll support you in future with a wide range of offerings designed to ensure we are successful together.

Outstanding prospects

Our ambition: we aim to remain a top employer.