On 20 September 2023, Aareal Bank AG (“Aareal”) announced that it has entered into a Delisting Agreement with its main shareholder Atlantic BidCo GmbH (“Atlantic BidCo” or the “Bidder”).

In accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, Atlantic BidCo published its decision, also on 20 September 2023, to make a public delisting offer against a cash consideration to Aareal Bank shareholders to acquire all shares in Aareal not already directly held by the Bidder against payment of a cash consideration in the amount of €33.20 per Aareal share.

Given that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has granted Aareal Bank’s application to revoke admission to exchange trading, Aareal Bank shares are no longer traded on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Atlantic BidCo announced on 22 November 2023 that it holds more than 95 per cent of Aareal Bank shares after expiry of the acceptance period stipulated in the delisting offer and plans to initate a squeeze-out of the remaining minority shareholders.

Atlantic BidCo announced the final results of the delisting offer on 24 November 2023: at the end of the acceptance period, the offer was accepted for approximately 4.56 per cent of the shares. Accordingly Atlantic BidCo has secured a total of 95.26 per cent of Aareal Bank shares.