Sustainable procurement

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We have set ourselves strict ethical rules that guide us in all our business activities. We expect our product and service suppliers ‒ who are recruited locally for preference ‒ to abide by the same standards as we do. When selecting suppliers, we assess not only their economic performance but also their ecological, social and ethical sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct sets the standards for taking responsibility for people and the environment that govern these business relationships. It is based on the principles set out in the UN Global Compact and by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).  

Procedural guideline on supplier management

The procedural guideline on supplier management govern the standards, criteria and assessment parameters used in Aareal Bank supplier management activities. We deliberately impose high quality requirements on our authorised suppliers. Besides complying with all the necessary environmental requirements, the guidelines also consider other key points such as the supplier’s market position, the quality of the goods and services, price and delivery performance, the quality of commercial procedures, and adherence to deadlines and volume targets. The individual aspects are assessed on a regular basis by the responsible units concerned (e.g. the purchasing and the divisions).

Regular supplier assessments

We conduct in-house evaluations to determine whether suppliers comply with these requirements. Since 2013, our supplier valuation scheme has also focused to a greater extent on social standards, including health and safety at work, in addition to environmental issues. It is used for new suppliers and for our annual reviews of current key suppliers.

Human rights and environmental protection in our supply chain

Aareal Bank assumes its responsibility according to the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG). If you have specific evidence of human rights or environmental risks at Aareal Bank or at one of our suppliers, please report them.

You will find detailed information in the instruction below: