Cross-sector Process Optimisation

BK01 Immoconnect – optimised data exchange through coordinated processes with your housing and property industry clients

BK01 Immoconnect simplifies the data exchange process significantly. It optimises the accounting and processing of payments for both energy companies and their partners from the housing and property industries, and eliminates the need for regular reconciliation processes. It also provides automatically-generated billing items for each property and sector, making it a good way of retaining clients.

The optimised data exchange hence relieves internal processes and in particular it constitutes a comfortable solution for the targeted customers in the housing and property sectors. Because in those sectors, the allocation and splitting of account debiting to utilities regularly ties up too many resources. Those are resources which the exclusive automation potential of BK01 Immoconnect instantly and completely liberates.

That is why BK01 Immoconnect has become a tendering criterion for many German housing companies. The solution is available for integration in SAP for Utilities® (SAP Germany),  kVASy® (SIV AG) and Lima® (rhenag).


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