Electronic Billing

BK01 eConnect – the best solution for electronic billing

BK01 eConnect makes it incredibly easy to meet clients' individual needs with regard to electronic billing. This application for the SAP environment is a standard product and is independent of the desired file formats, transmission routes and data to be calculated. For each client – whether a housing company, chain store or commercial/industrial client – BK01 eConnect only needs to be set up once, is configured transparently, and then works automatically. It is the optimum solution to account for and process billing at energy corporations and their partners.

BK01 eConnect, a standard product that can be configured independently, fills an applications gap that to date only repeated time and effort spent in consulting was able to fill. Control options in BK01 eConnect also supply a data transparency which consulting solutions cannot realise. This does away with the need for approximate attempts to meet any and all customer wishes in designing a given electronic invoice file. Overall, BK01 eConnect is a triple win: in IT and bookkeeping, where it saves resources and in marketing, where it expands what is on offer to customers by a service that is quite part of a trend.