Partnerships in the energy industry

The energy industry is experiencing a deep transformation. Whereas it once solely supplied clients with energy, today it offers mobility and has evolved into a digitalisation partner. Its mission is to become an energy manager. It can respond to new business models with appropriate strategies if it keeps pace with the digital transformation, the new options available in the market and changes in the way energy is utilised.

Aareal Bank Group is helping the energy industry to address these challenges. To this end, it has continuously expanded its expertise in mass payment processes to offer a comprehensive range of digital process solutions for the energy industry. In doing so, it is relying on the expertise that it has accumulated over many years and the experience of its strong partners.

Aareal Bank Group ERP partners

Working with partner companies is of elementary importance for Aareal Bank Group. In this way, it links specific ERP and IT skills with its experience in digitalising processes and in mass payments. The aim is to achieve tangible added value for its joint clients. This is demonstrated by nine Aareal Bank Group partners.