Payment Management

Integration and automation

BK01 is the name of a system, tried and tested for decades, for automated payment transactions. It simplifies, slims and accelerates processes by integrating them into the bookkeeping system. BK01 payment management belongs to the BK01 solution portfolio for the energy sector and insures optimised allocation and posting rates in energy sector payment transactions.

In its core function, BK01 payment management supplies unambiguous booking characteristics. It thereby enables extremely secure allocation of payments even with industry-specific complexities such as collectors, payments by "ARGE", and cash payers. But it offers much more too. The system also allows subsequent payment-related procedures to be mapped in automated processes, for both accounts receivable and payable. That is always in line with in-house expectations of efficiency on the one hand and transparency and control on the other.

That means BK01 payment management enables very far-reaching standards but at the same time permits exclusion of work steps as desired. Those are then processed in the accustomed workflows, especially in the sensitive areas of settlement control and processing of line items that require clarification.

BK01 payment management is available for integration in SAP for Utilities® und kVASy®.

Our solutions in action

The Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern public utility company has substantially optimised its automatic payment allocation process by using BK01 Payment Management, with incoming transfers, in particular, now far easier for the company to post automatically thanks to virtual account numbers. For details of exactly how automatic payment allocation works at Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern and which process optimisations it has been able to achieve as a result, please read the case study (in German).