Payment Transactions / Electronic Banking

Automation generates time and cost advantages

The direct debits and credit transfers of the energy sector and the account debiting by suppliers, public authorities, etc. cause monthly mass payments which are processed rapidly, smoothly and error-free in Aareal Bank systems. There are over 120 million postings each year. The trend is up.

Different business models require different accounts. The account management system of Aareal Bank models the required accounts in accounts systems, by customer, and independent of the complexity determined by a given corporate structure. Thanks to this, for example, the management of authorisations and powers of attorney is extremely comfortable.

Aareal Bank ensures that its electronic banking applications meet the highest security standards at all times. These applications enable access to the company accounts to mandate single payments, release payments, manage authorisations or to read electronic information in automated mode. In the BK01 payment transaction system which controls electronic banking functionalities from within the bookkeeping system, there is also the option of allocating and posting this account information automatically.

Aareal Bank offers high electronic banking standards for both the integrated BK01 procedure and for the allocations of the Aareal Account family that can be used independently of system, for the Aareal EBICS platform and for Aareal Sign, the app for mobile payment release.


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