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Cities need to become more technology-friendly and efficient as well as more sustainable and inclusive. The "smart city" is the ideal for tomorrow's housing industry. The resultant technological transformation and digitalisation are posing many challenges for housing enterprises. Aareal Bank Group is supporting the industry by offering a comprehensive range of products and broad expertise. The aim is to enable clients to develop their own perspectives and to future-proof themselves.

For decades now, Aareal Bank Group has been aligning its products and solutions to the specific needs of the housing industry in electronic banking, payment transactions, ongoing process optimisation and the management of cash investments. Aareal is the preferred process and digitalisation partner for more than 4,000 long-standing and satisfied business partners.

Housing industry - Aareal Bank Group is cooperating with development partners

The digitalisation of the housing industry and the sustained implementation of innovative and disruptive approaches are posing major challenges for many companies across the industry. By working with partner companies and Aareal Bank Group, joint clients can benefit from broad expertise as well as innovative products and solutions to secure a sustainable competitive edge. This is demonstrated by a number of examples of successful and effective implementation.

A subsidiary of Aareal Bank AG, Aareon is the leading provider of ERP software and digital solutions for the European property industry and its partners. Aareon Group offers reliable, pioneering solutions in the fields of consulting, software and services to optimise IT-based business processes and to expand business models. Clients benefit from international research and development including cross-border knowledge transfer. User-centric development methods and partnerships with proptech companies facilitate the further development and expansion of the Aareon Smart World portfolio.

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The owner-managed group of companies has been one of the leading vendors of enterprise resource software in the housing and property industries for over 40 years. Its range includes the immotion® ERP system as well as integrated services and portal solutions alongside comprehensive support and consulting services. The GAP Group is a BK01 partner and has integrated the BK01 process in the immotion® ERP system.  This saves users time and money as the processes are automated. In addition, it ensures high account-allocation and bookkeeping reliability.

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The group specialises in digital workplace solutions and related digital services. Haufe is a BK01 partner and has integrated the BK01 process in the wowinex ERP system. Users are able to apply automated processes ensuring highly secure payment transactions, while lowering costs and resource requirements.

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Pixolous GmbH develops applications for general data capturing (OCR) and image recognition (patterns, objects, forms etc.) via cameras fitted to smartphones, tables and data glasses. The broad product range encompasses software for automatically capturing and digitalising various kinds of data and for developing a software library for visual data capturing. By implementing Pixolus' "Pixometer" software in the Aareal Meter App, Aareal Bank Group clients can operate more efficiently by automating meter reading processes and deploying employees more profitably and efficiently.

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A world market leader, the company is a BK01 partner as it has integrated the BK01 process in the SAP RE-FX ERP system.  This property management system addresses all transactions comprehensively - from buying and selling as well as letting and accounting. In this way, users are able to boost the efficiency of their management activities, while lowering costs and resource requirements and maintaining full access to continuously updated and harmonised data.

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Like many other renowned software companies, UTS started out as a backyard operation in 1986. Today, the KARTHAGO and JUDIKAT software solutions figure among the leading digital property management products. UTS is a BK01 partner and has integrated the BK01 process in the Karthago ERP system.  This automates payment transaction processes and many other related processes, saving money and resource requirements and ensuring reliable account allocation and bookkeeping.

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