MeterCollect - mobile meter reading for the energy and housing sector

It comes upon us year after year: the unwelcome meter reading. For property managers and companies in the housing sector, capturing and forwarding water and energy consumption figures amounts to a lot of time and effort. The meter readings are still often being recorded manually, forwarded to energy suppliers manually and transcribed manually, and this not only leads to high error rates, but also to high numbers of complaints. In addition, inadequate transparency makes it difficult to track errors back to the source. Along with pixolus GmbH, specialised in mobile data capture, Aareal Bank group has developed a digital mobile solution: MeterCollect optimises the wearisome and error-prone reading process. This not only makes reading off the data more efficient, it supports all those involved in their work thanks to great transparency and data quality.   

The smartphone becomes a scanner

MeterCollect consists of an app for collecting consumption data and an ordering portal for data processing. The smartphone photographs the consumption values, scans them and synchronises them automatically with the platform. The cloud-based platform is used to dispatch meter reading orders to the mobile devices of building superintendents and meter reading service providers and manages property and meter data. Thanks to the automatic synchronisation of app and portal, information about defective or newly installed meters is for example sent directly from the housing unit to the dispatcher. Dispatchers also have the up-to-date processing status on their mobile devices and so they can clear up enquiries and doubtful cases simply and rapidly.

MeterCollect is a product of First Financial Software GmbH, an Aareal Bank Group company. Aareal Bank AG is a sales partner of MeterCollect. Further information on MeterCollect, formerly known as Aareal Meter, is available in our press release and on this website

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