Property Investment Consulting

Property Investment Consulting

Real estate investment consulting

Real Estate Investment Advisory is a specialist team of Aareal Bank AG. It offers independent strategic consulting and operational process management for the development and realization of real estate assets, mainly in the area of investment and disinvestment for different real estate asset classes.

Our consulting approach is characterized by a personal and holistic solution orientation, which focuses on the individual situation and the needs of our clients as well as the real estate under consideration.

What we do

The details are important

The added value of our approach lies in the operational process control with an eye for details. We invest in thorough and diligent preparation to save time, money and resources for all involved at the end of a mandate. In this way, optimum results can be achieved, as experience has shown that uncompromising standards of quality and respectability prevail.

We are happy to measure ourselves against this goal.

  • Micro and macro market analysis in terms of legal, socio-cultural and economic criteria
  • Site analysis to capture and display all relevant location factors, such as Infrastructure, development, competing objects, rental price brake or environmental factors
  • Analysis of portfolio and / or individual objects for corporate strategy compliance
  • SWOT analysis and scenario and potential analysis
  • Formulating options for action (disinvestments, investments, optimization measures)
  • Thorough stock and potential analysis and strategy development (for example private, public, limited placement, single or parcel sales, communication concept)
  • Complete takeover of the operational transaction process (including investor approach, guided object inspections, recommended actions)
  • Detailed object analysis according to different questions (eg legal, technical, economic, tax)
  • Detailed consideration to avoid value-influencing information asymmetries (including plausibility checks, obtaining information from authorities, tenant analyzes)
  • Consideration of the current / planned financing structure and identification of possible optimization potentials
  • Neutral and open-ended exchange around the property with focus on strategic consideration

What is important to us

Take advantage of our experience and flexibility

Our top priority is to build long-term and stable client relationships on a partnership level. This only works with clearly communicated realistic assessments and goals.

We see ourselves as the sole representative of our client and focus our work at any time on discretion, seriousness, reliability and transparent and responsible action.

Our personal contacts take responsibility and support you with words and deeds.

Acting is more effective for us than reacting, so we always work meticulously and pay attention to details. As real estate specialists, we know that poor preparation leads to inadequate results.

We are always informed about market developments and participants through our specialists and our up-to-the-minute market research. Tailored concepts and speeches are guaranteed.

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