Tenancy Bond Management

With comfort and transparency

The fiduciary management of tenancy bonds means both securing the quality of a property portfolio and a customer service. So what is decisive is efficient and comfortable processing, simple access to funds as required and comprehensive transparency at all times in discussions with the trustor.

Aareal Bank provides electronic standard procedures to manage tenancy bonds, both as integrated BK01 processes (see also process optimisation/housing management) and in the form of a combination of management software and electronic banking –Aareal Account Kautionen (tenancy bonds). The application can be used immediately, is intuitively understandable and designed around the life cycle of a tenancy bond, irrespective of the software used for other administration purposes.

The Aareal Bank processes naturally conform to the statutory provision regarding the separating out of lessor assets. This guarantees the option of a fiduciary account for each tenancy bond and the alternative of a collective trust account for all tenancy bonds that in this case too are invoiced and receive interest on an individual basis.

Decades of Aareal Bank's experience in optimising housing indust processes using automated workflows have also been integrated in what we offer in the way of electronic tenancy bond management. This generates added value in the administration of many more than 2 million tenancy bonds by housing companies and property managers, property companies, funds and insurance companies: from setting up the bond to reminder notices as necessary, and interest-rate calculation, right through to final refund.