Process Optimisation / Housing Management

Automation generates time and cost advantages

Aareal Bank has been tackling digitalisation for a long time, something that is now seen as a megatrend. A main aim of the Bank's key solutions is to relieve its customers of resource-intensive standard tasks by using automated electronic processes. This frees up capacity to deal with the properties and tenants or for strategic planning. The best example of what Aareal Bank offers is the BK01 payment transaction procedure. It owes its position as market leader to two unique selling points:

  • exclusive BK01 cooperative ventures on the basis of which BK01 is integrated in leading property  industry ERP systems (in GES, Haufe wowinex, immotion, Karthago 2000, Wodis Sigma, SAP RE);the 
  • so-called BK01 account number, which constitutes an extremely versatile and unambiguous reference ID for payment items.

Both aspects taken together ensure comprehensive automated process chains in all areas of property industry management: for incoming payments such as rental payments and tenancy bonds. This is also the case with the many and varied accounts payable: tradesmen, utilities, public authorities et cetera. Automated processes relieve the time spent and the personnel requirements significantly.

Especially in property management it is a matter of using efficient solutions and processes to gain time for work on the properties and with clients. The payment and electronic products of Aareal Bank provide precisely that: it has specialised its products for firms in asset and property management.

The integrated BK01 procedure provides commercial property management with many advantages for entire workflows and comfortable functionalities. With our special solutions for the energy industry we are in a position to generate outstanding added value in our cooperation with this sector in particular, by means of a fully digitalised process. Take a look for yourself.

Our partners with BK01-licensed systems