Transparent assessment of our sustainability performance

The standards and quality that Aareal Bank Group achieves in its sustainability performance are documented by a series of specialised information providers and sustainability ratings. All recognise the efforts that we are making throughout the Group and underscore the continuous progress that we have made since 2013.  

Internally, the results of the ratings serve as a benchmark for improving our activities and our work. Updates to ratings content are based on analysts' and investors' increasingly strict requirements, and are therefore a good indication of what our stakeholders are likely to focus on in future and the expectations we shall have to meet in future.

Our sustainability performance ratings – a comparison

oekom research AG

Aareal Bank Group has been awarded "prime" status since 2012 in the sustainability ranking produced by well-known rating agency oekom research AG. This category is used to denote companies that are leaders in their sector in oekom's "Social and Environmental Performance" corporate rating and that meet minimum sector-specific criteria.


In 2015, Aareal Bank Group scored of 68 out of 100 points in the Sustainalytics rating, well above the peer group average of 55.3 points. In addition, Sustainalytics classed Aareal Bank Group as an "outperformer" for the first time. This puts us in the top 16 % in our sector. In 2013 – the first year it was rated – the Group scored 57 points, improving this to 61 points in 2014 and 68 points in 2015. 

Institut für Markt-Umwelt-Gesellschaft

The Institut für Markt-Umwelt-Gesellschaft is based in Hanover and analyses up to 2,800 listed companies throughout the world. In addition to producing sustainability ratings for equities and government bonds, the institute also analyses Pfandbrief issuers, mortgage banks and supranational organisations. Aareal Bank's Pfandbrief issues, which were given a AAA rating by Fitch, are also recommended as investments by imug/Vigeo Eiris from a sustainability perspective.


London-based non-governmental organisation CDP (previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) aims to facilitate the transparent disclosure by corporations of their environmental data and climate protection activities. In addition to providing data on their CO2 emissions, the opportunities and risks caused by climate change and location-specific energy consumption, the goal is for companies to report on how they intend to help reduce greenhouse gases and the measures they are taking to do so. Progress is documented in the annual CDP questionnaire and subsequently evaluated by CDP.

This year, Aareal Bank Group published its CDP questionnaire for the first time, allowing all interested stakeholder groups to consult it at will.

You can access the completed CDP questionnaire here.


A review at the end of October confirmed Aareal Bank's AA rating. The Bank's strong scores in the areas of "Corporate Governance" and "Privacy & Data Security" are especially encouraging.

MSCI identifies material opportunities and risks in the environmental, social und governance (ESG) categories and assesses how companies have positioned themselves in this respect – always in comparison to their peer groups or the industry as a whole. MSCI's sustainability ratings reveal the extent to which enterprises are exposed to specific ESG risks and what strategies they have implemented to master these risks. Companies running greater risks have to demonstrate that they have sophisticated risk management strategies in place to be awarded good ratings. MSCI also uses this process to identify companies that turn their opportunities in the environmental and social area into a competitive advantage.