Atlantic BidCo submits demand for squeeze-out

Wiesbaden, 11 December 2023 – Atlantic BidCo GmbH ("Atlantic BidCo") today informed the Management Board of Aareal Bank AG that it holds 95.28 per cent of Aareal Bank shares following completion of its delisting offer.

Against this background, Atlantic BidCo has submitted a demand, pursuant to section 327a (1) of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz – “AktG”), that the General Meeting adopt a resolution to transfer all shares held by the minority shareholders to Atlantic BidCo against payment of an appropriate cash compensation (squeeze-out under Stock Corporation Act).

Atlantic BidCo has indicated that it will inform Aareal Bank of the amount of the cash compensation in a further letter (a so-called ‘specified demand’) once this has been determined.


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