Aareal Bank – 100 years serving the property industry

Wiesbaden, 19 July 2023 – Tomorrow, on 20 July 2023, Aareal Bank celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The institution can look back on an eventful history, which is closely linked to the development of the German housing industry as well as the financing of publicly funded housing. Three decades ago, the business was further expanded to include international commercial property financing, which has since continued to grow steadily.

Jochen Klösges, Chief Executive Officer, said: "I would like to thank all of our clients and partners for placing their trust in us over the last 100 years. During this time, we have successfully overcome many challenges together. In the future as well, we will remain a reliable partner to the property industry and continue to expand our offering for our clients."

Our origins – a response to housing shortages and a new beginning after World War II

Aareal Bank was founded on 20 July 1923, as Deutsche WohnstättenBank AG, to provide urgently needed loan funds to the building and housing industry. In subsequent years the institution successfully participated in financing over one million publicly funded homes.

After the Second World War, Aareal Bank played a crucial role in the reconstruction and public promotion of the housing market. Using innovative financing tools such as interim financing for home loans and savings contracts, the company contributed to the success of Germany's economic miracle.

Targeted business expansion – growth and innovation

To enable it to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, Aareal Bank ventured into electronic data processing as early as 1957. At that time, offering companies in the housing industry a central external data processing service was a pioneering step and lay the foundations for the Banking & Digital Solutions segment as well as for the subsidiary Aareon AG, today a leading supplier of SaaS solutions for the European property industry.

A risk-conscious attitude pays off

Over the years, Aareal Bank has significantly expanded its international presence in commercial property financing business and now operates in more than 20 countries. Despite this expansion, the company pursues a risk-conscious and forward-looking business policy. This strategy especially paid off during the 2007/2008 financial crisis: even in these years, the Bank remained in the black.

The business policy, which is geared towards the long term, was extended in 2012 to include environmental and social aspects and set out in the form of a sustainability strategy. Aareal Bank Group also signed up to the United Nations Global Compact in the same year.

Aareal Bank 2023: sustained profitable growth to continue under new ownership

Today, Aareal Bank Group is an international specialist for property financing, the lead bank to the German housing industry and Europe's leading software company for the property industry.

Since the beginning of June 2023, Aareal Bank has had a new ownership structure, following the closing of Atlantic BidCo’s voluntary public takeover offer. With the support of the new investors, the intention is to pursue the Bank's sustainably successful strategy.


History of Aareal Bank AG:

20 July 1923

Founded as Deutsche WohnstättenBank AG in Berlin


The Bank’s name changes to Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank AG


Head office moves to Frankfurt/Main


First data centre opens in Mainz, laying the foundations for today's Aareon AG


Majority takeover by Deutsche Pfandbriefanstalt; head office: Wiesbaden


Spin-off of Aareal Bank with its subsidiary Aareon




Further information covering Aareal Bank’s history can be found here.

Photographs for editorial use can be downloaded here.

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