Managing sustainability

The all-important "tone from the top" is right

The Chairman of the Management Board has overall responsibility for sustainability management at Aareal Bank Group. He ensures that the full Management Board discusses, provides advice on and, where appropriate, resolves relevant issues such as proposals made by the Group-wide Sustainability Committee, the sustainability programme and the measures it comprises, and updates to sustainability reporting. This clearly demonstrates the key strategic significance that a sustainable approach to business has for Aareal Bank Group.

The Group Sustainability Officer reports directly to the Chairman of the Management Board, she continuously informs the Management Board about material developments and supports it by

  • Ensuring momentum and coordinating sustainability activities throughout the Group,
  • Assuming responsibility for strategic updates to sustainability management,
  • Chairing the meetings of the Sustainability Committee and using this interdisciplinary body to discuss issues and obtain advice,
  • Monitoring and driving forward implementation of the Group-wide sustainability programme in dialogue with the divisions,
  • Appropriately communicating Aareal Bank Group's sustainability performance to different target groups in the areas of reporting, ratings, internal communications, etc.,
  • Representing Aareal Bank Group on external bodies and working groups with respect to sustainability topics,
  • Reacting to issues raised by internal and external stakeholders and ensuring that they are addressed.