Data protection

Aareal Bank AG welcomes you to our website and thanks you for your interest in our company. The protection of your personal data is a serious matter for us and we want you to feel safe during the visit on our websites.

We will treat any personal data you may transmit to us with reasonable care and in compliance with data protection rules. Your data will not be used for any other purpose and will not be forwarded to third parties. For confidential messages, please use the regular mail service for your own safety.

Collection and processing of personal data

In most cases, you can visit the website of Aareal Bank AG without providing any personal data to us. We only get to know the name of your internet provider and the so-called IP address he has allocated to you, the websites from which you accessed our site and the websites you visit within our internet presence. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes only, the individual user identity remains anonymous.

Personal data will only be registered and processed when you supply it (i.e. to order information material), and solely for the respective purpose.

Web analytics cookies

This website uses the “Piwik” web analytics tool. Analysing how visitors use the site is important, as it enables us to examine demand for content and to improve our service as a result. Piwik collects the following data: date, number of actions on the website, time spent on the website, country of origin, browser version, operating system, number of new and returning visitors, referring URL, conversion rate.

In the version of the Piwik analytics tool we use, IP addresses are anonymised so that they cannot be linked to an individual.

The Piwik analytics tool works by placing a small text file called a cookie on your device. Piwik uses “persistent cookies”, which remain saved on your device after your visit.
The cookie is sent from the domain “” and is named as follows: _pk_id.12345 (each cookie has a unique number)

The cookie expires after a week.
It enables us to:

  • recognise visitors who have already visited our site and create user profiles under pseudonyms in order to improve the website's user-friendliness
  • identify visitors' approximate location
  • rectify any errors on the website and improve our service.

Right to opt out:
You can disable the analysis of your use of this website by blocking cookies from this domain ( in your browser. Please see your browser instructions for how to do this. You may also disable any form of user analytics for future visits to this website. Use the following check box to do so. Provided you do not delete this cookie in your browser, your use of the website will not be analysed. You can decide here whether to permit a unique web analytics cookie to be stored in your browser. This cookie enables the website operator to collect and analyse various statistical data.

Use and transfer of personal data and predetermination for specific purposes

All personal data  handled within the scope of Aareal Bank AG’s services will be collected, processed and used according to the pertinent laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data solely for the purpose of contract execution and to preserve qualified business interest with regards to advising and supporting our customers and interested parties and to meet the demands of product design.

Data security

Aareal Bank AG takes technical and organisational measures in order to protect the data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Our safety measures are consistently being improved in accordance with the technological development. In addition, our employees are obliged to respect the data security provisions defined in the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz - BDSG) and are bound by banking confidentiality.

Right to request information and public index of procedures

Pursuant to applicable law, we will inform you on request in writing whether and which personal data concerning your person will be saved. The available details according to section 4 of the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz - BDSG) are summarised in our public index of procedures.

Public index of procedures

The Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz- BDSG) stipulates in section 4g that the data protection representative has to make available the following information according to section 4e of the BDSG:

  1. Name of responsible body:
    Aareal Bank AG
  2. Members of the Management Board: 
    Herr Hermann J. Merkens (Chairman)
    Frau Dagmar Knopek
    Frau Christiane Kunisch-Wolff 
    Herr Thomas Ortmanns
    Herr Christof Winkelmann

    Head of Data Processing:
    Herr Peter Mehta
  3. Address of responsible body:
    Paulinenstr. 15
    65189 Wiesbaden
  4. Purpose of data collection, processing or data use:
    The business objectives of the company are the conduct of banking transactions of any kind, financial and other services and the of international economic relations. The business segments of Aareal Bank comprise:

    • Services/Consulting
    • Real Estate Structured Finance

  5. Definition of the affected group of persons and the pertinent data or data categories:

    • customers
    • prospective customers
    • suppliers
    • employees
    • interested parties
    • communication partners (i.e. press)

  6. Recipients or categories of recipients who may receive data:

    • public authorities in compliance with preferential legal provisions
    • external contractors according to section 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act BDSG (contract data processing)
    • third parties on behalf of customers or to execute / achieve the objectives listed under point 4

  7. Standard deadlines for the deletion of data:
    Upon expiry of the statutory retention periods, the relevant data are deleted. Where no such retention periods apply, the relevant data will be deleted once the objectives specified under point 4 have ceased to exist.
  8. Planned transmission of data to third countries:
    No transmission of data to third countries outside the EU is planned, unless in accordance with customer orders.

    Aareal Bank AG

    Data Protection Representative

Internal Data Protection Representative

In line with the legal provisions, Aareal Bank AG has appointed a Data Protection Representative. Should you have any questions  concerning the processing of your personal data, you may contact him directly.



Florian Gerhard
Data Protection Representative
c/o Aareal Bank AG
Paulinenstr. 15
65189 Wiesbaden

Tel.: 0611/348-2599
Fax.: 0611/348-72599