IT Solutions from Aareon AG

Aareon Group

Aareon is the leading provider of ERP software and digital solutions for the European property industry and its partners. The IT company is a subsidiary of Aareal Bank AG, which holds 70 percent of its shares. The remaining 30 percent are held by Advent International.

The Aareon Group is digitalising the property industry by offering user-oriented software solutions that simplify and automate processes, support sustainable and energy-efficient operations and interconnect all process participants. In its research and development activities, Aareon pursues a collaborative approach in which the company’s knowledge and expertise converge with the needs and requirements of its clients. This results in solutions that help make peoples’ lives and work easier and enable companies to realise new value-creation potential. 

The technology leader’s approximately 4,000 clients manage more than 11 million units across Europe. The Aareon Group has an international presence with offices in the DACH region, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. In addition, Aareon operates its own development company in Romania. The Aareon Group employs more than 1,800 people, with over 40 percent of them working for international subsidiaries. In 2020, Aareon recorded revenue of €258 million and generated adjusted EBITDA of €62 million.

Aareon Smart World portfolio

Aareon Smart World, an integrated digital ecosystem with country-specific ERP systems at its core, connects property companies and their employees with clients, business partners and technical equipment in flats and buildings through various digital solutions. In this way, the complex system of relationships can be managed more easily and efficiently. Customer relationship management dovetails seamlessly with processes for integrating the supplier chain, for example when it comes to maintenance. Property companies benefit from greater process efficiency, transparency and a reduced workload for their employees, whose capacities can then be used to provide better customer service. By intelligently connecting buildings and building technology to this digital ecosystem and evaluating the data obtained, it is possible to manage properties more effectively – for example through predictive maintenance. Aareon thus makes life easier for everyone involved in the process and contributes to the commercial success of the property industry.