The Aareal Bank Corporate Client Portal

The Aareal Portal – safe and secure, easy to use and full of useful functions

The Aareal Portal gives you a real-time overview of all your accounts at Aareal Bank, and since the Portal communicates with your bank accounts using the EBICS banking communication standard, you can link in other banks too. The payment files generated in your management system are sent to the Bank using the Aareal data exchange system, and are displayed in the Aareal Portal for you to check and release.

Your account statements in the Aareal Portal will be received in electronic form. When making transfers via the Aareal Portal, you can store appropriate templates for more frequent recipients, plus you can manage your SEPA direct debits from the Portal in exactly the same way, and store SEPA mandates too. Payments of the same kind can be consolidated into collective orders, and every single one is subject to specific processing rules that you can specify and amend across the board for all the payments contained in an order.

Lastly, different account access permissions, read-only privileges and payment authorisations etc. can be easily allocated to different people in the Aareal Portal. You can also grant read-only privileges for certain accounts to third parties not involved in the payments themselves, such as to auditors, perhaps, or to management advisory boards in the case of condominium management.

A brief video guide through the Aareal Portal (in German)