Aareal Sign

Aareal Sign – a mobile view of a sophisticated payments landscape

Payment transactions with Aareal Sign – anytime and anywhere

  • a secure mobile electronic banking application
  • full transparency across all business accounts thanks to multi-bank capability
  • flexible payment release processes

Aareal Sign lets you manage and make payments easily – at any time, regardless of your location and independently of your stationary PC. This improves convenience, particularly in view of the distributed electronic signature (VEU) – because with Aareal Sign, the principle of dual control when signing off payments has now been extended to a mobile application.

This application allows you to view your account balances as at the previous day, see all credits and debits, call up open payment orders, check them in detail and either authorise payment or cancel them. Aareal Sign uses the EBICS standard for this, which is renowned as a secure electronic banking procedure for corporate customers.

Alongside your Aareal Bank accounts, this standard format also allows you to link in your company accounts at other banks in Aareal Sign, access payment information in these accounts and process payment orders as appropriate.

Conditions for use

Aareal Sign is an exclusive application for Aareal Bank clients who use the 'BK01 with Wodis Sigma incl. integrated signature' payment transaction system, or who communicate with Aareal Bank or other banks via an EBICS client. Since Aareal Sign is based, in technical terms, on the Distributed Electronic Signature (VEU), the app displays the orders previously identified in the EBICS program with the VEU order type.

Aareal Sign is a mobile banking application for iOS version 13 or higher, is compatible with iPad, iPad pro, iPhone and iPod Touch, and is available at the app store subject to the following legal requirements: maintenance of a bank account at Aareal Bank and conclusion of an Aareal Sign licence agreement with Aareal Bank.

Related Aareal Bank services

Aareal Sign is the mobile interface for the sophisticated portfolio of payment services offered by Aareal Bank.

  • Aareal's BK01 brand has been established for decades, offering integrated functionalities – exclusively in leading ERP systems – to provide an extensive range of automated processes in housing and property companies; and, as of recently, in the energy industry too.
  • BK01 is supplemented by Aareal Account, a product group that allows banking services offered by Aareal Bank – particularly its efficient payment and tenancy bond processing services – to be used independently of an ERP system.


The security concept of Aareal Sign complies with the high standards customary for Aareal Bank's payment transaction procedures. Every time the app is launched, users are prompted to enter an individual password that must be different from a further personal password, which is used as a signature for releasing payments.

The digital bank key, which ensures the security of the data during the use of Aareal Sign, is stored separately on iOS devices and cannot be read or misused by any other application.


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The functionalities of Aareal Sign have been fully tested for iOS versions from 13, and a manual for the app can be found here (in German).