A company’s success is largely dependent on its employees. Aareal Bank Group’s systematic human resources development policy aims to enhance its employees’ professional and personal skills. We also promote a positive work-life balance and offer a Company Health Management programme – a concept for which we have already received a number of awards.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Aareal Bank Group invests in its employees’ continuing professional development on an ongoing basis. The measures taken focus on sustainably enhancing specialist, entrepreneurial and communications skills. Since an international orientation plays a significant role for Aareal Bank Group, we are expanding our training courses designed to develop and improve our employees’ language and intercultural skills.

Retirement provision and insurance

Aareal Bank offers its employees an employer-funded corporate retirement plan. Employees can also make additional pension contributions using a deferred compensation model. Furthermore, they can use capital formation contributions paid by the Bank to further improve their pensions. In addition, Aareal Bank offers its employees a variety of insurance policies. These include employer-funded health insurance for foreign travel and the option to take out occupational disability insurance at special rates.

We provide our employees throughout Germany with group accident insurance cover to insure them against the long-term consequences of work-related accidents, including disability, partial disability and death.

Equal treatment

For Aareal Bank Group, treating men and women in the Company equally is extremely important. This applies both to staff appointment decisions and to continuing professional development and remuneration. All job openings below executive level are advertised as a matter of principle so that all employees, regardless of gender, can apply for them. Equally, we do not distinguish on the basis of gender when it comes to pay – besides individual performance, we only take into account factors such as qualifications, professional experience and education.


We are convinced that diversity enriches our corporate culture and that it is a long-term success factor. Mutual esteem and respect for individual differences are the basis of our daily work together. This is why the Management Board has made an express commitment to diversity in Aareal Bank Group. As signatories to the Diversity Charter, we have introduced a large number of measures to further raise awareness of diversity. We have published Aareal Bank Group’s diversity principles both on the Internet and on our Intranet.

Work-life balance

Supporting employees in achieving a work-life balance is a high priority for Aareal Bank Group. Employees can take advantage of a broad range of support services. Besides flexible working models, part-time positions and the implementation and use of long-term working time accounts, these include the possibility of positions incorporating home working, if the workplace permits this. In particular, we support our employees during emergency situations relating to child care or dependants who require care. In this way, and with the help of additional measures, we aim to help our employees achieve a better work-life balance.

Health management

Aareal Bank’s Company Health Management programme (known by its German initials, BGM) helps its employees to stay healthy. It covers the areas of information and a hotline service, prevention, movement, nutrition, relaxation and training. In November 2014, Aareal Bank AG received the Corporate Health Award for its exemplary health management programme. The certificate states that our Health Management programme “is one of the best in the whole of Germany and is integrated both structurally and strategically with the Company’s business processes”.

Responsible Human Resources Policy – Key Data

Committed, highly qualified, responsible staff are vital for a company’s long-term success. This is why Aareal Bank Group pursues a focused human resources development strategy that offers staff opportunities for professional training and personal development, why it supports them in achieving a successful work-life balance, and why its Company Health Management programme offers them a healthy, safe workplace.

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