Property Marketing Activities

Aareal Estate AG

Specialist for properties subject to non-performing loans

Aareal Estate AG (Estate) advises on takeovers of investments, particularly with a view to Capex planning. It functions as an agent to ensure successful operational restructuring and coordinates the sales process.
In particular, Aareal Estate AG adds to its portfolio those properties that Aareal Bank’s Workout division passes to it in the course of the exit strategy. Estate’s priority is to market these properties as well as portfolio properties and at the same time reduce the number of special purpose vehicles.

In addition to its duties for Aareal Bank Group, Aareal Estate AG also operates independently on the market.

Competent to solve property-related problems

Aareal Estate AG is a point of contact when it comes to supporting exit strategies, especially for opportunistic property investments.

At the same time, Aareal Estate AG offers its construction controlling services in Germany and abroad and also assists special purpose vehicles on a project management basis.


Dominik Dürschlag
Management Board
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