Performance indicators

Making sustainability measurable

Aareal Bank Group takes an end-to-end approach to managing its business in order to preserve its competitiveness and future viability in the medium to long term.

The key to our healthy situation and leading market position is that we do not lose sight of mission-critical drivers such as the Group's innovative ability, high quality standards and readiness to change, or of the impact of our business operations, when working to meet our financial targets.

In view of this, we use both financial and non-financial information to present our economic, social and environmental performance and have set ourselves the goal of successively expanding this end-to-end approach to reporting. We already engage our auditors to perform a limited assurance review of selected non-financial information.

An overview of the most important performance indicators can be found in our "Doing business sustainably" fact sheet.

Economic performance indicators

We aim to run a sound business and our Common Equity Tier 1 ratio, which is well above the statutory requirements, documents our commitment to security and stability. You can find key economic indicators for Aareal Bank Group here.

Human resources performance indicators

Our committed, well-trained and responsible staff are our most important asset. We aim to retain talented employees for the long term at Aareal Bank Group by adopting a focused human resources development strategy that offers them opportunities for professional training and personal development, supporting them in achieving a successful work-life balance, and providing a healthy, safe workplace through our Company Health Management programme.

You can find key human resources performance indicators for Aareal Bank Group here.

Environmental performance indicators

Avoiding environmental impacts and making sparing use of resources are guiding principles at Aareal Bank Group. With our active environmental management system, we aim to meet the requirements of environmentally responsible banking and to minimise the negative impacts of our business activities.

Making sparing use of resources in the Bank’s internal operations is the top priority. This depends crucially on employee awareness of this issue. Other basic measures for reducing environmental impacts include cutting energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions, improving energy efficiency and increasing the percentage of renewable energy in the supply mix. Our policy since 2014 of sourcing green energy to supply our main sites in Wiesbaden and Mainz, as well as other locations in Germany, is central here.

You can find key environmental indicators for Aareal Bank Group here.