Our sustainability mission statement

A responsible business approach - our strategic benchmark

Aareal Bank Group's sustainability mission statement underpins our corporate sustainability strategy, providing a summary of the corporate responsibility principles that are aligned with our objective of doing business sustainably.

Our sustainability management is driven by the following factors:

  1. We take an integrated approach and broaden the areas of activity identified in our strategic programme to include social and ecological issues.
  2. We analyze trends holistically, evaluate the resulting opportunities and risks, and align our forward-looking sustainability performance with this.
  3. We focus on all relevant stakeholder groups, seek to engage in active dialogue with them in a variety of ways and show how we make use of the insights we have gained.
  4. We make sure that business decisions take account of ecological, social and governance factors and communicate our progress and the challenges we are facing transparently and credibly.
  5. We set priorities, implement decisions and hence reinforce corporate sustainability values such as reliability, innovative ability, integrity and compliance, our appeal as an employer, and building and maintaining high-trust client relationships.